"Proceedings of the Institute of Zoology of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan"
is a periodical receiving original articles in Azerbaijani, English and Russian languages, which have not been published before, and are dedicated to topical issues of Entomology, Parasitology, Epidemiology, Animal Ecology, Biochemistry, Ethology, Taxonomy, and the struggle against agricultural pests. Manuscripts can be submitted to the journal's website online, in the format doc. Articles should be named by the surnames of the authors. Manuscripts of prepared articles should not exceed 12 pages, including tables, figures and bibliography. Article formatting requirements, all articles submitted for publication should be typed in Microsoft Word text editor using Times New Roman font. Latin names of species should be given in italics.

Title of the article

The text should be placed symmetrically in the middle of the page, in 12 pt font, in bold, in capital letters. The surnames and initials of the authors should be printed 2 intervals below this.

Surnames and initials of authors

It should be written in 12 pt font, dark, small letters and placed symmetrically in the middle of the page. The names and postal addresses of the organizations represented by the authors, as well as the e-mail addresses of the authors, should be printed 2 spaces below that.
The names of the organization(s) the authors represent, and the authors' e-mail addresses should be written Italics in 12 pt font in small letters and placed symmetrically in the middle of the page along the entire length of the text page. If there are several authors and they work in different organizations, numbers should be placed in front of their names, for example - the name of the first organization and its postal address, - the name of the second organization and its postal address, etc. That number should be indicated in the superscript index after the last name of the corresponding author working in this organization, for example, Aliyev A. Mammadov K.L., etc.
A short abstract of the article presented below should be given in 2 intervals.

Short abstract

A short abstract (in the language of the article) of up to 10 lines (500 words) of the submitted article is provided. Font size - 11 pt, lowercase. The text in this section should not contain an explanation of the problem situation, formulas, tables, figures and references to literature.
The distance to the next section (Entry) should be 2 intervals.

Headings and subheadings

Headings and subheadings are given on a separate line in the text in bold font. Font size 14 pt (for headings and subheadings). Their numbering starts from the left border of the text. Automatic numbering cannot be used.

The text of the article

Each paragraph starts with an offset of 0.63 cm from the left border of the text field. It is not allowed to transfer syllables of words from one line to another.
The text of the article should be formatted (all lines of the text should be left and right justified), names, special terms and symbols (in the international SI system) should be carefully edited. When constructing the text, the generally accepted rule should be followed: Introduction (problem situation) - goal - analysis of the results of the research (including methodology, instrumental tools used, cartographic and other actual material, methods of analysis and processing of results, etc.) - conclusion - list of cited literature.


Each article should be accompanied by two abstracts of up to 12 lines (600 words). Abstracts should be given to articles in Azerbaijani language - in English and Russian, in English - in Azerbaijani and Russian, and in Russian - in Azerbaijani and English. The structure of each abstract should be as follows: in the middle, the word Abstract in black font, then the surname and initials of the author in black font, below it - the text of the article (in capital letters, in black font), below it - the main text of the summary in ordinary font. The text in this section should not contain an explanation of the state of the problem, formulas, tables, pictures and references to literature.

Page settings   
The size of the page should be A4 (21.0x29.7cm).
Distances from the edges of the page: top and bottom - 4.8 cm, left and right - 4.2 cm.

Pictures, tables, formulas 

Each image (map, diagram, scheme, etc.) is provided in the text regardless of which program it is processed in, as well as in a separate file in JPEG (*.jpeg, *.jpg) format.
The width of their dimensions should not exceed 7.75 cm, large images (maps, schemes, etc.) or several images combined (for example, the development dynamics of the studied process, the sequence of measurements in observations, etc.) should not be exceed the width of the text field. They should be located in the middle of the page. The size of the writing under the pictures should be 12 pt (bold), and the size of the text under the pictures (disclosure of conventional signs, clarification, etc.) should be 11 pt (italic).

References to literature in the text are indicated in the form of a number corresponding to the number of the literary source at the end of the article in square brackets without indicating the name of the author.
Cited literature sources are not listed at the end of the article in alphabetical order, but in the order in which they appear in the text. The font size is 12 pt. The second and subsequent lines in the name of each source should start 0.5 cm to the right of the first line. Literary sources are numbered one by one without using the computer "list" (список, numbering) command.
The following information is provided for the sources indicated in the bibliography:
• for journal articles - surname and initials of the author(s), title of the article, the name of the journal, year of publication, volume number, issue number, pages;
• for monographs, textbooks, abstracts of dissertations and other such literature sources - surname and initials of the author (authors), title of the book, city, publisher, year of publication. page;
• for collections, including articles and theses in the collections of conferences (symposia, seminars, etc.) or separate organizations - surname and initials of the author (authors), name of the article or theses, name of the conference, volume number, city, publisher, year of publication. pages.
Accepted manuscripts are reviewed and a final decision is made as to whether they can be published. Unpublished manuscripts are not returned.

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